The 5 Myths of Donating IT Equipment

Donating IT equipment is a bad idea. It is always better to have a professional IT asset disposition company process the materials and send you a check, which in turn you can keep or donate. Here are the top five myths related to donating retired IT assets.

MYTH #1 – You are “helping the organization”
Actually receiving IT equipment via donation may cause other issues, such as equipment storage issues, getting the wrong equipment for the job, and a potentially a true knowledge gap of what to do with the hardware.

MYTH #2 – You are getting the most for your donation
If your retired IT equipment has value, it is better to have a professional ITAD company like CCNY Tech process the material and give you funds that you can donate to your charity of choice.

MYTH #3 You are getting the most PR by donating used hardware
It’s always more “Press Worthy” to make a cash donation to a cause rather than a lot of used equipment. The usefulness of the funds to the charity is usually much more preferred and respected. B esides, wouldn’t a picture of you handing a charity a check look better than your donation of Used IT equipment?

MYTH #4 You are maximizing your tax benefit
Many organizations don’t realize that the equipment that they are sitting on has value beyond what they anticipate. Infact, it is much more easy to justify a receipt for a cash donation rather than donations of goods in an Audit.

MYTH #5 – My assets will be handled responsibly
Research has found that donated hardware often falls into the wrong hands or into the waste stream, causing unwanted environmental hazards and potential fines for the organization.

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