Protecting Your Sensitive Data With ITAD (IT Asset Disposition)

While there are many important aspects of IT Asset Disposition, arguably the most important is the protection of sensitive data. Proprietary information, personal customer data, and other forms of data that need to remain confidential are under constant threat from cyber criminals. Time after time, there is yet another company making headlines for a breach in their network resulting in critical data being compromised and ending up in the wrong hands. The stories of sophisticated, coordinated attacks are all too familiar for any systems administrator, but there is a much simpler way for breaches to occur that may be overlooked; a hard drive containing this sensitive material is physically stolen.

When a device has outlived its usefulness, the next step is to send it off for recycling. But, what if this device still contains sensitive data? How do you assure that wherever this drive ends up, your data will not be going with it?

With this in mind, CCNY Tech is proud to unveil our new drive erasure program. Utilizing Extreme Protocol Solutions, flagship Enterprise Data Erasure Software (XErase) CCNY Tech provides high bandwidth, multi-protocol data sanitization compliant with over a dozen globally recognized erasure standards. A few of the key features of our new program include:

Tamper Proof Reporting (PDF, DATABASE)
Versatile Reporting Options (PDF, XML, CSV, TXT, DATABASE)
Over 35 Erasure and Validation Options
On the fly erasure method creation
Erase to any requirement
NIST Verification Support
SSD Erasure Support
Pre and Post Device Health Screening

XErase provided CCNY Tech the flexibility to meet the requirements of clients in a wide array of industries.  To learn more about ITAD and Removal of Sensitive Data, call us today at 1-800-566-4786 to speak with one of our reps to come up with a plan to protect your data!

Written By:  Mike Buffa, CCNY Tech

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