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IT Asset Disposition is what we have done for more than a decade. We support the full life-cycle of IT Hardware including ITAD Services (the retiring of IT hardware in a secure and environmentally safe manner). Our IT Asset Management and computer recycling program is one of the most sought after in The USA. We work hard to get you the most return instead of having to pay to dispose of your end-of-life IT hardware. We also handle the logistics in a hassle-free manner. Contact an ITAD representative at CCNY Tech to get started with your first lot of IT Equipment.


If you are looking for a proper server and hardware disposal service for datacenter removal and upgrades, contact CCNY Tech at 1-800-566-4786.

What is ITAD? | IT Asset Disposition

ITAD stands for Information Technology Asset Dispositionand it is a customized service that helps businesses eliminate end-of-life technology and other unused IT assets, such as networking equipment, desktops and laptops, and more. This dedicated service helps companies and organizations reach three core goals:

•Maintain data security
•Minimize environmental impact
•Maximize ROI

If your company has old or obsolete IT equipment in Lawrence, CCNY Tech can help. We can responsibly and securely dispose of it, while maximizing your return.

CCNY Tech ITAD Asset Disposal

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What is Datacenter Recycling?

Datacenter recycling is a big issue for the IT industry. Half of IT waste is recycled. Ensuring that the computer equipment is recycled is important.

CCNY Tech can help you reduce your datacenter's carbon footprint by recycling or remarketing your datacenter servers and networking equipment.

Datacenter recycling should involve the reuse of old electronic devices. This is important because e-waste can be hazardous to the environment.

Datacenter owners need to think about proper disposal of this sensitive material and an R2 Facility like CCNY Tech can assure the highest security.

Secure Datacenter Server Disposal

When dealing with datacenter disposal and decommissioning, the most secure option is to use an experienced, certified, and experienced data center server disposal company.

A data breach can be catastrophic for your business' reputation.

PLUS, you'll be getting some economic value from the old equipment by using CCNY Tech as your ITAD provider. You will help reduce the environmental impact and receive additional funds to purchase more modern servers. and datacenter equipment.

There are many ways to make the process easy and CCNY Tech is the right ITAD partner for it all. From logistics, to security, to environmental protection, we have you covered.

Asset Lifecycle

Asset Lifecycle is an awesome way to manage your IT equipment. This process integrates IT Asset Disposition with redeployments and warehousing. Benefits of this include cost savings; consolidation of vendors streamlines the overall process and communication as well as supports sustainability initiatives.

This process integrates IT Asset Disposition with redeployments and warehousing with benefits including cost savings and a consolidation of vendors that streamlines processes and communication as well as supports sustainability initiatives.

Data Protection

Our technicians perform hardware decommission and onsite audits. We ensure that all sensitive data is removed before it leaves your facility. CCNY Tech ensures safe and secure transportation of your IT hardware. Each asset is audited and tracked throughout the disposition process.

With CCNY you’ll have peace of mind that your data and brand is fully covered. Our data protection team has a strong track record for having advanced software, speedy client site services and a complete data protection solution.


CCNY Tech’s ITAD division has created a business around disposing obsolete and unwanted IT equipment in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.

Electronic waste (or e-waste) is a rapidly expanding problem around the world and in MA, due to the improper disposal of hazardous materials. This can lead to bodily harm and even environmental damage.

That’s why CCNY Tech is ready to dispose of your older enterprise and commercial IT equipment in Lawrence and other locations in the United States. Together, we can make the world a better place.

Secure Data Destruction

CCNY Tech is proud to provide data destruction on-site to our customers. Regardless of the industry of your business, almost every device that has a disk holds some form of data which is "sensitive." It are specific information that requires to be completely destroyed, with the least risk of the data being in the improper hands. This is why destruction of data on site becomes essential.

Above all, the main reason any client would opt for on-site data destruction versus off-site is the added assurance that your company and/or customer information will never even leave your facility. This means that there is no chance of the drives being mishandled during transportation resulting in a data breach. When partnering with an on-site data destruction provider, you are given full transparency of the destruction process.

Data Destruction is a key step in the lifecycle asset management process. Any privacy and security concerns can be addressed with proper data destruction of your hardware and software. Our CCNY Tech team is sure to erase and destroy retired data to prevent security leaks and to free up your resources.

CCNY Tech provides data destruction and other IT removal and destruction services as needed or on a contractual basis. With CCNY Tech, you will have peace of mind that your retired systems are properly secured.

Data protection solutions are becoming increasingly more relevant to you and your company. If you are unfamiliar with data destruction and the whole IT Asset Disposition process, feel free to check out our page or call one of our trained ITAD experts today. We would be happy to discuss your company’s data security procedures and to find a solution that works for you.

Value Recovery

CCNY Tech’s advanced value recovery or remarketing program takes companies away from the auction process and towards a value recovery system. This method gains revenue that can be used toward purchasing new technology.

We have ITAD clients accross The Region:


3 simple steps to ITAD:

  • We Send Pallet Box

    CCNY Tech will send you a pallet box to fill with electronic waste.

  • We Coordinate Pickup

    We will handle the logistics to ship the pallet box back to our facility.

  • You Earn Credit!

    We estimate the value of your electronic waste and give you a credit towards disposal and/or destruction.

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ITAD Services

Equipment Disposal

We specialize in streamlining the equipment disposal effort while ensuring
that sensitive data is protected. Refurbishing equipment extends the product life and is great for our environment.

We strive to resell as much of your excess equipment as possible and we recycle the rest!

Trade-In Program

Maximize on your old equipment and allow CCNY Tech to take care of the disposition while gifting you with funds for new IT purchases. This program offers benefits that will help the sale cycles and close rate, all while maximizing your customer experience.

Procurement Services

Purchasing secondary market IT equipment can be great economically and add value to your IT asset toolkit, but unfortunately it can be a hassle. Finding the right sellers, knowing which sellers to trust, figuring out fair market value, and determining what is good condition, can all be a headache to say the least. Fortunately, CCNY Tech is here to lend our experience and expertise.

Whether you’re in need for single parts or a complete solution, same day or next day delivery in Lawrence, CCNY Tech is here to help you. Whether you’re looking for new or old gear in MA, we have both the resources and products you need.

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