Datacenter Decommission Services

Experience and Certifications

CCNY Tech is been in the data destruction services for the past 30+ years. We'll be there for you throughout the life of your data center equipment and will assist you in properly disposing of it when it's no longer needed. No one needs to be concerned about a data leak from end-of-life assets because of our experience and trustworthy practices. Our organization wants to work with you one-on-one to ensure that you are never alone when it comes to all your IT asset disposition needs.

Hard Drive and SSD Shredding Services

There are a variety of hard drive and SSD shredding services available at CCNY Tech. They are listed out below:

  • Scan for the serial number of the device
  • Verify that the serial number matches the serial number of the host unit
  • Validation and reconciliation of inventory
  • Shred size options include 2 mm (SSD only), 10 mm square, 10 mm, 20 mm, and 30 mm.
  • According to your timetable and availability.
  • Complete auditing and reporting
  • Thorough documentation of the chain of custody
  • Compliance documentation, audits, and reports
  • Data Destruction Certificate
  • On-site, off-site, or hybrid video surveillance
  • Weight comparison and reporting
  • One-stop for All your ITAD needs (shred, erasure, pulverization, audit, packing, shipping, logistics, etc.)
  • Secure storage, cases, and cages that can be locked.
  • Disconnecting and removal of hard drives from the devices
  • Reuse and recycle
  • Support for IT Asset Disposition
  • IT Packing and Logistics

Data Deletion Partner

With retired or expired IT equipment, you're well aware of the danger of data slipping out the door. The cost of a security breach is significantly more than the cost of a fine. Damage to your reputation, lost customers, and revenue are all dependent on a job properly done.

The first and most effective security against a data offsite data breach is on-site destruction of hard drives, tapes, and other IT equipment. Almost always, it's the cheapest option.

Because solid state drives (SSDs) hold huge volumes of data on microscopic flash memory chips, they require pulverization as fine as 2 mm to assure 100 percent data eradication. What's the end result? A smear of dust.

One of the most essential decisions you can make to protect personal information and client relationships is selecting the correct and trusted data deletion partner like CCNY Tech.

Hard Drive Shredding and SSD Pulverization

Hard drives, cassettes, and solid state drives (SSD’s) can all be shredded by CCNY Tech. Both offsite and onsite support is always accessible to our customers.

You want to shred when you need to completely destroy hard drives, magnetic tapes, motherboards, tablets, cell phones, and other electronic devices. When it comes to SSDs, the shred is so small that all that's left is only dust.


Onsite Hard Drive Shredding

Data breaches, theft, and loss in transit are all reduced by on-site hard drive shredding. We can destroy data almost anywhere thanks to our mobile data destruction trucks and global relationships.

Our standardized methods and adaptable methodology result in a consistent process that fits nicely into any project scope or partnership agreement.

CCNY Tech has a hands-on project management policy in place to ensure that any concerns (which are bound to arise) are reviewed, reported, escalated, and resolved as promptly as feasible.

Remote Hard Drive Erasure

There's just one method to ensure that a gadget or device or equipment returned from a field employee isn't vulnerable to theft while in transit. There's also the possibility of a data leak.

In order to avoid this and overcome the challenge remove the data before sending it. Without having to remove a single drive.

Once the remote erasure has been certified as complete, the hardware is safe to ship and available for redeployment or resale once it arrives.

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CCNY Tech’s Remote Erasure Service Key Factors

The following are some of the key factors of our remote erasing service:

  • Confirming the serial number of the device
  • Based on your timetable and deadline
  • Single point of contact (shred, erasure, pulverization, audit, packing, shipping, logistics, etc.)
  • Data Destruction Certificate
  • Complete auditing and reporting
  • Documentation of the chain of custody is meticulous.
  • Compliance documentation, audits, and reports
  • Support for IT Asset Disposition
  • Self-Package Program for IT Assets

Certifications for Data Destruction and Regulatory Compliance

Knowledge, expertise, training, and meticulous attention to detail provide reassurance.
On every task we undertake, our goal is to provide safe, compliance, and complete satisfaction. As a result, CCNY Tech’s ITAD team receive ongoing training and follow procedures that meet regulatory requirements. We work with clients who have more specialized and strict processes to design customized procedures that comply with your legal and business regulations.

Certified ITAD Services

  • NAID AAA Certified
  • Department of Defense (DOD)
  • National Security Agency (NSA)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication Series 800-88
  • National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Operating Manual (DOD 5220.22-M)
  • Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act
  • Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH)

Secure Erasure

Secure erasure before shipping eliminates the possibility of data loss while in transit.

Your mission is to completely destroy all data before returning the IT asset. We design unique programs that make device retrieval secure and straightforward using our CCNY Tech's Data Destruction remote hard disk erasure tool combined with our packing, shipping, and logistics experience.

You can provide options that assure IT asset return without a hitch as corporate regulations change to accommodate new labor patterns. We collaborate with you to create the services and reports that enable device return, renewal, and refresh programs as safe and simple as possible.

Prepaid shipping boxes can be delivered straight to the field, with a return shipment to a central site or our warehouse for evaluation, grading, and storage. We can create a safe program that matches your needs, whether you have 10 or 1000 laptops. CCNY Tech is also proud to be a bulk data erasure service provider for large scale offices.

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Transform insecurity into safety

Your customers may be aware of the dangers of data and equipment being left with distant or furloughed personnel. They can securely and confidently relocate IT equipment from a remote place to a central location via remote DOD erasure.

The data has been completely wiped, even if the equipment is lost in transit. The hardware is the only thing that has been lost. Before the box was shut, the possibility of a data breach was eliminated. All you need is access to the internet.

How CCNY Tech Helps You

CCNY Tech is Server Reseller and IT Asset Disposition. Call CCNY for the [NICHE] Experts. [TITLES]

Customers' trust and peace of mind are our top priorities. You'll have complete visibility and control over the project plan from the start:

  • Site surveys and planning
  • Inventory and Accounts Payable
  • Inventory and Reconciliation
  • Budgeting and Quoting
  • Single Point of Communication and Execution
  • Various Inspection Stages
  • Documentation of the chain of custody
  • Compliance documentation, audits, and reports
  • Data Destruction Certificates

Decommissioning of Data Centers

CCNY Tech helps you make shutting down and decommissioning a data center simple and secure.

A safe, secure takedown is necessary whether you're moving to the cloud, converting to co-location, retiring end-of-life equipment, centralizing operations, or simply upgrading to better equipment.

CCNY Tech handles site decommissioning from start to finish, ensuring that no leftover data is exposed and that any value is retained.

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Smooth Data Center Decommissioning

CCNY Tech ensures that the decommissioning of your data center goes as smoothly as possible. Network equipment, servers, racks, and cabinets are dismantled, de-racked, disconnected, packed, and moved by our professional ITAD team.

CCNY Tech is Data Center Decommission and IT Asset Disposition. Call CCNY for the [NICHE] Experts. [TITLES]

The following are few of our key factors:

  • Minimal IT downtime because to well-coordinated planning and timeframes
  • Setting priorities for mission-critical jobs
  • Schedule flexibility and security measures
  • On-site project management with frequent and consistent communication
  • Protection against danger and harm with our expert technicians
  • The most comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Defined scope and walk-through prior to execution
  • Protected assets from disconnect to disposition
  • Extensive documentation
  • Packing and transporting items for storage, redistribution, remarketing, or recycling

The CCNY Tech Difference

Your ITAD Needs Under One Roof

Equipment audit and verification, data destruction, lease return, equipment removal, packaging and shipment, and other aspects of IT decommissioning are all common.

CCNY Tech is a complete and tested solution that is fully ready to cope with unanticipated difficulties as a full service, turnkey supplier. You'll be impressed with our solutions and reactivity if there are any unanticipated "surprises" (which will certainly occur).

Our Goal

With high-value equipment and high stakes, data center decommissioning projects can be complicated. That's why you want (need!) a contractor with project management experience and expertise.

Our Process

CCNY Tech excels at planning ahead. Our skilled eTeams can travel to any location and stay on site for the duration of the equipment removal process. To ensure that we arrive prepared, the CCNY Tech’s process includes review and verification by an experienced project management team.

Our Transportation Includes

Sealed Package

Locked Storage Bins

Point-To-Point Shipment


Chain Of Custody Rigor You Want

Advance Proceedures & Requirements

What do you mean, little quantities? Keep your excitement in check. We at CCNY Tech provides service to small, medium and large scale companies.

CCNY Tech's tamper-proof, lockable and sealed containers are the answer for secure shipping solutions for smaller numbers of IT devices.

We'll send the right-sized container based on the quantity and kind of IT assets and office equipment — laptops, tablets, hard drives, routers, tapes, desktops, POS, kiosks, servers, and so on (ranging from a small case for 5-10 hard drives up to large, pallet-mounted steel cages). For ongoing secure shipping requirements, swap-outs or on-demand container deliveries are offered.

The serial numbers of the devices are scanned by our professional ITAD team, who then packs, locks, and seals each container for transportation. The unbroken seal is matched upon arrival at the destination to guarantee no tampering.

CCNY Tech is Data Destruction and IT Asset Disposition. Call CCNY for the [NICHE] Experts. [TITLES]


The logistics are included in our ITAD service package. Based on the quantity, location, and level of packing, CCNY Tech’s ITAD team arranges for secure pickup and delivery anywhere in the world.

Options for logistics include:

  • Obtain a complete truckload
  • Ensure that the truck is straight
  • Less-than truckload container security
  • Locks and tamper-proof seals on trucks are included in every shipment, and they are matched and validated upon arrival.
  • At the time of pickup, Asset Transfer Forms are generated.


It is critical to pack correctly. This is where our experience comes in to handle all the tasks and regulations involved in packaging. CCNY Tech’s ITAD team will accurately assess and determine how to safely pack and transport your business and IT assets, based on their 30+ years of packing and logistics experience, regardless of what those assets are.

The value and disposition of IT assets determine how they are packed. Experience dictates how to pack it:

  • Data center servers wrapped with blankets and placed on shock pallets for fast redeployment.
  • Storage of large monitors that have been bubble wrapped and/or crated
  • Gaylords of destined-for-recycling peripherals
  • Whatever you need packed, CCNY Tech will make sure it arrives safely.

Whether you require ITAD Plus service, end-of-life care, or something in between, you can count on CCNY Tech to provide. There is no risk of harm.

ITAD Plus Packaging

If you're treating your IT assets like inventory or have sensitive, high-value equipment, CCNY Tech provides a comprehensive set of ITAD Plus services that ensure a secure, trouble-free packing and logistics experience.

CCNY Truck Transparent van box truck (2)

ITAD Plus service is always tailored to the project specifications and includes the following:

  • Blankets and pallets/skids/gaylords are included in the packing supplies.
  • Containers that are safe and secure
  • Transport that is safe, fast and reliable
  • Packing and unpacking on-site
  • Putting up a tent in a designated area
  • Services that are unique and customized
  • All packing materials will be removed and properly disposed of.
  • Asset Transfer Forms are examples of chain of custody documents
  • Inspections on various stages
  • Reporting tailored to your needs